PSICAN Online Interactive Remote Viewing Experiment 4.0

Please Read This Carefully...

THIS EXPERIMENT HAS ENDED. Please check back on the main site for future experiments...

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Between September 27th 2013 and February 8th 2014, PSICAN will run an "open to the public" Remote Viewing experiment. This is very informal and we simply ask people to give remote viewing their best shot.

What Is Remote Viewing?

As defined by Paul H. Smith: "Remote viewing (RV) is a skill by which a person (a "viewer") can perceive objects, persons, or events at a location removed from him or her by either space or time. In other words, one does not actually have to be there, nor does one need any so-called "physical" connections, such as television, telephone, etc., to gain information about the target. RV exploits and improves upon what is more commonly called "psychic" ability (an overused word that has accrued unfortunate connotations), and works whether the target is in the next room or on the other side of the planet. Neither time nor any known type of shielding can prevent a properly-trained remote viewer from gaining access to the desired target."

While Remote Viewing can trace it's origins back to ancient times, it was during the 1960's through 70's that RV experiments were being conducted by both the US government and civilian research organizations such as the ASPR. These studies provided fascinating results despite the CIA having released in 1995 a research report stating that RV was not an effective intelligence gathering tool.

Please note we will not publish any information in regards to the experiment or target until after the completeion of the experiment. Please note due to expected volume of participants we cannot respond to each individual submitted questionnaire or query during the duration of the experiment. We will update this page with the target information by Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 (after the experiment is closed,) and more complete results will be posted some time between March and April 2014.

The experiment is simple...

When you are ready, click the supplied link below.

A (new) page will open... please make sure "pop-ups" are enabled on your browser for this. If they are not, it may not work. The page will be mostly blank and simply display a set of letters and numbers. This is known as a target number.

NO other information on the target will be given out. This blank page and numbers will be all that are given.

Do not request further information on the target. It will not be given out.

Take as long as you want looking at the page that pops up (or whatever you would like to do to complete your remote viewing). Use whichever method you feel comfortable with to RV and when ready return to this page and fill out the form below.

REMEMBER: There are no incorrect or correct answers. All answers are vital to our data collection purposes. Also, we will not be letting anyone outside a select group of PSICAN volunteers working on this project to know the target of this experiment until Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 at which time the target will be revealed on this page.

Another online open remote viewing experiment is planned for (tentatively) June of 2014. Please check back for details.

When ready, please CLICK HERE to open the page with the characters...

REMEMBER if pop ups are disabled on your browser, this page may not open... Please speak to your IT or technical help to ensure that the page opens for you in your browser. We cannot assist with any internet browser issues... these must be handled by your own technical help.


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What is your age?

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What City, State/Province/Territory/County, Country are you from?

Have you tried remote viewing in the past?


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Please describe the information you received during your remote viewing for this experiment. Include any information you feel is relevant ie: colours, shapes... (Please limit response to 500 words or less.)

If possible, please briefly describe your method for remote viewing. (Please limit response to 500 words or less.)

By clicking "submit" below, you understand that the information above is and will only be used by the staff and volunteers of PSICAN. Your information given only here will not be used for any other purposes except this experiment.

Thank you again from all of us at PSICAN.