Welcome and Merry Meet!
I'm Ashley.
I'm a white witch, a green witch,
a Wicca, and a New Age practitioner.
I'm also known as an eclectic solitaire
[means I practice alone, don't belong to a coven, & that my practice & worship of the Goddess is individual & unique].

My website will tell you lots of things about myself,
witchcraft, Wicca, spells, divination, and New Age.
My website is mainly EDUCATIONAL,
particularly so, for people who are trying to learn about these subjects.  I'll be happy to explain things, research things, and link you up with other experts.

If you're a parent, who has a teen interested in Wicca and witchcraft, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I'll be happy to steer both yourself
and your teen in the right direction {including away from this - but, fair warning,
there is nothing harmful or satanic about witchcraft.  Wicca and witchcraft are
gentle, empowering, enhancing, supportive of free will, and eco/nature-oriented}.

If you're a student and you need material for school projects, please take a look at the Site Map link to help you navigate around the site.  If you're unable to find what you're looking for, just drop me an e-mail.  {Everyone I've sent stuff to - so far - have gotten A's.  Cool, eh?}

I do not do anything horrible, rotten, cruel, nasty, mean, or evil - nor do any other witches nor Wicca.  Also, I provide links to other Wicca and witchcraft sites that, I hope, will be of interest to you.

So, please explore away, have fun,
and Blessed Be.

PS:  The background I chose for my website is an almost dead ringer for the spiral designs on the famous Stone Age Newgrange tomb located in Ireland.  Archeologists have never been able to definitively decipher the meaning of the spirals.  It's a good guess that the spirals are astronomically, ancestor-worship, and fertility/serpent-worship related.  To see the "original spirals", please access,

PPS: I've added a Site Map page that lists each page on my website - so please feel free to use it as an index.  Also listed on the Site Map are spell sheets that you can print.

Final PPPS:  This is a large site - you're looking at 2 to 6 hours to completely get though everything - add in the books you should be reading - see Bibliography - and you're looking at weeks/months/years to find ALL the answers.  Witchcraft and Wicca is life-time learning.  There are no quick-quick answers or fixes.  And, sorry, I am not currently teaching nor doing readings.

Djowtey/Dejuhtey, the Egyptian God of the Moon, Wisdom, and Writing - here shown as the ibis-headed God of Learning. He was known by the Greeks as Thoth and identified with Hermes Trismegistes.  In Angelology, Thoth is identified with the Archangel Raphael, and so, can be prayed to as an angel.

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