Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities
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What are Psychic Abilities?
If you thought there were a million different opinions about witchcraft and Wicca, well, opinions about psychic abilities take an even bigger cake.  Some people outright deny their existence.  Some people say they're evil and satanic.  Some people say they're poppycock and superstition.  Plus it doesn't help that most scientific methodologies are unable to determine, measure, quantify, etc what psychic abilities are.

Negativity aside,
there is scientific proof that psychic abilities exist.  At the very least, the US Navy, Russian Parapsychology researchers, and Parapsychology Departments of various uni

versities/institutions have proven that psychic abilities exist - unfortunately, they have done so with some difficulty and much of "mainstream" science still denies the findings.

But, when you add to that an OVERABUNDANCE of anecdotal evidence that stretches back to the dawn of human time plus we, ourselves, individually, experience psychic abilities on a daily or weekly basis, it's actually quite astounding that psychic abilities are not an accepted fact.

I'd also like to note, too, that it is Western society that denies psychic abilities vehemently.  Rarely, do Eastern societies {ie, the Indian sub-continent and the Orient} deny psychic abilities.  Eastern societies accept psychic abilities as NORMAL {rather than paranormal}.

ESP {extra-sensory perception}, PSI {psionic}, paranormal, and psychic abilities are most commonly defined as abilities that are more than the usual five senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and speech.  Some specific {and most commonly known about} abilities are:

Telepathy - mind-to-mind communication.  Telepathy can be long-distance and can be "acute" in crisis situations {sender and/or receiver}.

Precognition {prophecy, second sight, oracle} - knowledge or vision of a future event, usually through dreaming or messages from "spirits".

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, & Clairsentience - meaning "clear seeing", "clear hearing", and "clear knowledge" - are the abilities to see, hear, and know about events regardless of distance, space, and time.  Clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience can see / hear / know past, current, and future events and are usually experienced by a person in the conscious state.

Psychometry - the ability to touch an object and "know" its past/history.  Psychometry is probably the least studied and experimented with of the "telepathic" types of psychic abilities.

The above are the "mental" psychic abilities - and are sometimes called sensitivity or intuition.  Below are the "physical" psychic abilities {at least, the most common ones}:

Telekinesis {psychokinesis - PK} - is the ability to move or affect objects without physical contact - mind over matter.

Teleportation - instantaneous transportation of a physical body from one location to another.  {Interestingly, it seems that poltergeist activity might include teleportation.}

Levitation {can include astral travel} - the ability to move / raise a / your body through the air.

The above cards are known as Zener Cards.  They are used in parapsychology experiments to determine ESP abilities.  They were developed by J B Rhine, the father of parapsychology, at the Rhine Research Centre of Duke University.

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