What is Witchcraft?

What is Witchcraft?
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What is a Witch?
What is Spellcrafting?
What is Divination?
Don't Do Any Harm
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What is a Witch?
Opinions abound about what a witch is.  But, basically, a witch is someone who does - through the practice of empowering and enhancing her/his own and others' lives - spellcrafting and divination.  S/he is also someone who believes that whatever you send out, comes back to you.  Witchcraft is also generally defined as the practice of witch / wicca / wise woman/one / medicine woman/man / shaman craft.

An almost universally accepted belief is that spellcrafting and divination are healing arts - physical healing, mental healing, and spiritual healing - using tools and instruments such as herbs, stones, crystals, aromatherapy, tarot cards, incense, astrology, palmistry, etc.

What is Spellcrafting?
Spellcrafting can best be described as using "natural" objects to create a state of mind, an atmosphere, or a condition through the making, unmaking, manipulating, doing, undoing, and crafting of either a single or a number of natural objects.  Spellcrafting is also considered a magical rite.

Spellcrafting is the same as the "power of positive thinking" and visualizing / focusing / concentrating techniques.  Spellcrafting uses objects, items, aromas, symbols, etc as a "concreteness" to help focus in on the empowerment and enhancement that is needed.  {Please see Spells & Spellcrafting for more details.}

What is Divination?

This lovely lady makes a great Hallowe'en or Hollywood witch - a marvellous but complete fantasy.
Many medieval "witches" thought they could fly.  "Flying" was probably caused by the use of hallucinogenic or psychotropic herbs.
Also, you didn't have to be a witch to have a broom.  Could you go without sweeping your floors?
Both "flying" herbs and broom materials make up part of a "Witch's" traditional garden as well as part of shamanic pharmacopoeia.

Like spellcrafting, divination has tools.  The tools are astrology, numerology, palmistry, I Ching, scrying, dowsing, tarot cards - to name just a few.  These tools are used to help focus in on a question / problem.  Invariably - and I've never known this not to fail in over 30 years - the divination tool ALWAYS offers choices and advice.  If the recipient of a divination chooses not to follow the advice, well…

Divination, too, is the same as the "power of positive thinking" and visualizing / focusing / concentrating techniques.  Divination, also, is a
magical rite.  {Please see Divination for more details.}

Don't Do Any Harm
The Wiccan Rede of And ye harm none, do what thou will and the Witch's Rule of Do no harm to others are an ABSOLUTE.  Add to that the One-Fold Rule or the Three-Fold Rule What goes round, comes round or Whatever you send out, returns three-fold.  These all boil down to the same meaning.  And therefore, are all one rule.

THIS RULE IS NOT OPEN TO INTERPRETATION.  Any person who does harm is a nitwit, a psychopath, or a sociopath.  Witches and Wiccans do not do nasty, mean, rotten, violent, evil, satanic, etc things.  If you or a person you know does those kinds of things, then either you or that person have/has no right to call themselves a witch or a Wicca.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

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