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PSICAN Happy Holiday Message 2014


Many of you may already know that in earlier times, Christmas in Canada (and Europe) was, believe it or not, a time for ghost stories...


Halloween, as we know it, was not celebrated as is now customary in North America until the early 1930's... and with human nature needing a time to share things that are a touch more "spooky" for various reasons, it was Christmas that was the season to sit with the family by candle light during long winter nights and tell ghostly tales.


In fact, although many people point to Charles Dicken's classic tale of ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future (not to leave out poor Jacob Marley!) he was only a voice in a choir of Christmas time ghostly literature. Period Victorian and Edwardian books show us that many authors turned to ghostly lore 'round the tree and gifts... a custom that lives on in some circles today with the BBC often running televised versions of MR James' tales and like stories on the day... and even Canada has a more modern claim with the late Robertson Davies taking on the Christmas ghost tale mantel  when he'd tell his traditional (and annual) ghost stories at University of Toronto's Massey College during the Christmas parties... He wrote eighteen in all for those events.


Since we're now into that holiday season with Christmas time in the air, it seems appropriate to post up a quick note to say special thanks to everyone that has made this one of PSICAN's best years ever... most important of all is you.


Without the readers and visitors to our sites, we wouldn't be here... and we've been very happy to have you all visit and especially those who've taken the time to write to us with their experiences and sightings.


We also say thank you to those who have joined in on our Facebook group who added to the conversations and debates about the paranormal and aided in our overall understanding of the many topics we cover.


We'd be remiss if we also didn't tip our hats to those of you who've assisted us in keeping the sites alive with gifts through PayPal and whatnot that have kept our servers humming over the last twelve months! Since we're completely non-profit and don't offer tours or "for profit" entertainment based events, it's those donations that really help push us along in our endeavours to be a free agnostic, neutral, and educational source for those interested in these subjects.


A SPECTACULAR thanks to our team, affiliates, consultants, and colleagues!


Over the years, PSICAN and it's related sites and groups have made many friends and we're thrilled to say that we're very much looking forward to continuing for the future months and years to grow, expand, and continue our efforts.


With this in mind, allow us to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays, and the Happiest of New Years... and we look forward to bringing you new reports, notes, thoughts, and news in 2015!


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Matching the history to the haunt...
Written by Matthew James Didier   

"You're ignoring the history!"

Lately, I've come under scrutiny (and in cases, almost attack!) as seeming like I've jumped the rails and started ignoring the history, legend and folklore in ghosts in favour of the science of the paranormal.

While I admit, whole heartedly, that my notes and editorials do seem to show this, I assure folks that this is not the case... I see all four components in equal weight as far as information and, for lack of a better term, "things to look at" with ghosts and haunting... Actually, I see one thing above all... "Witness Perception/Witness Testimony" is the most important thing... then history, legend, folklore and science come to play.

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The Materiality Of UFOs
Written by Eric Ouellet Ph.D   

From a phenomenological standpoint, UFOs are perceived as being material, and they leave at times undeniable physical traces. The material aspect of UFOs constitutes, therefore, a fundamental characteristic of the phenomenon which must be integrated into any research about UFOs, ufological or otherwise. Having this key principle in mind, the following review of the literature about the materiality of UFOs is proposed. It is not presented, however, as a complete review of the literature, as many texts in ufology are quite difficult to find. Nevertheless, it is substantial enough to identify with a fair degree of reliability the main ideas about the materiality of UFOs in the literature.

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Flashlight Vigils
Written by Justin Wiswell   

Are flashlights illuminating new ways to communicate?

For the last few years many paranormal enthusiasts have been using flashlights in attempts to illicit yes/no responses at purportedly haunted locations. The experiment itself is usually conducted with a single flashlight but variations have included multiple flashlights of the same make and model.  The flashlight is generally either unscrewed or the switch is pushed to a position where the flashlight is in an on/off state, making it extremely susceptible to being turned on/off. The flashlight is then placed in a stationary position at which point a series of closed ended or true and false questions are asked by observers. (Is anyone here, is your name bob?)

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Children Afraid Of Ghosts
Written by Laura Gervais   

Every person has fears to some level no matter what their age. Children can have many fears whether it is ghosts, UFOs, monsters, dogs or cats. Some fears are a good thing, like being afraid of strangers or being afraid to cross a busy road. A child must learn to be able to cope with their fears in order to live a healthy life. It is only then, that they will learn to take on life's challenges as they grow. When fear becomes too much for a child to handle anxiety can happen and the spiral of effects begins. When a child has fear that is overpowering and disabling them that is when it is time to seek help.

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