The following report was sent into us in February 2015, but the experiences occurred decades ago and were never forgotten:

On December 27, 1980 my boyfriend, Daniel died very suddenly from a bleeding ulcer in his sleep at age 28. After his funeral December 31, 1980 he started appearing in my then rented townhouse (where he left me on Xmas eve around midnight) [this would be in the] Jane-Finch area of Downsview, Ontario.  After the funeral I had 2 nieces and one of their friends who boarded with me who saw him and my dog would continually run up and down the stairs howling. We saw so many strange things happen I decided it was time to move.

The night before I moved his best friend came to pick me up to get me out of the house. He went to the top floor to my kids room to make sure everything was packed and ready to go. When he looked down the stairway he saw Danny on one of the landings and Danny said to him please look after her and the kids! It scared my friend so bad he came running down the stairs and told me Lets go, you wont believe what I just saw! He explained to me over coffee and I told him, "See I told you so but you didn't believe me"  Anyway lots of friends got me moved onto the truck and I was off to my parents, over a hundred miles away. He came to visit in my new apartment in Bayside, Ontario, at the foot of my kids beds. They woke up calling Mommy, mommy, Danny is here!!!! When I went in the room I didn't see anything but got a feeling of something that made the hairs on my neck curl. The next day we went out shopping and when we came back my new tea kettle was charred black on top of my stove and the stove wasn't even on!

Due to lack of my type of work in the community I decided to move back to the Toronto area, which ended up being Mississauga and my sister who was going through a bad marriage came with me with her younger kids. Nothing was ever seen or heard again till New Years Eve 1981 which was one year exactly to the day Danny was buried. I came home to an empty house, everyone had gone out for celebrations and I was spending at my other sister's just a few blocks away.I came home from my sisters and tv, stereo were on full blast plus every light in the house was on. I turned everything off all the while my neck hairs standing up and got out! I went back to my sisters for a few more hours then once again decided to come back home. Again, everything was on full blast. I turned it all off once again. After the stroke of midnight that night I have never experienced anything else!!!! It has now been 34 years. My nieces, daughters and his best friend will always remember what happened I am sure and so will I.


Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. If you have experienced something similar that you would like to share or something that you believe may be a paranormal please contact us at admin@psican.org Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.