cloven hoof

We received the following report in February 2010

" I was in my early teens in the mid 1980's. I experienced the same "being" twice in two separate locations and times. The first time was in the woods, near Uxbridge, camping with scouts. I, and another kid, heard a strange deep breathing like a bull outside the tent. The "being" became agitated and circled the tent banging the side of the tent. The being sounded as though very tall and walked on two hooves. The second experience was the same deep breathing sound at my aunt's house. I first thought my uncle was playing a joke on me.I soon realized the lung capacity of this breathing far exceeded that of a man. The sound was in another room at first. Next, I heard what sounded like hooves on the old wooden floor moving towards me. The noisy steps stopped in the doorway to the room I was in. The deep breathing continued and my heart was now racing. I thought that would be the end of it but then the steps continued rapidly to where I was laying on the floor. The two massive hooves came to rest straddling me in my sleeping bag. The "being" was pulling at my sleeping bag trying to uncover my face.I felt as though I was being partially lifted from the floor from the force. I was terrified and fought with everything I had to avoid seeing the face of the intruder. I screamed with everything I had and after a few seconds the "being" retreated. I heard three rapid steps as it departed beyond my head then it vanished."

Webmaster's note: My Mother described a very similar experience, which had happened to both her, and her sister during WWII in communist Ukraine.

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