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Early bedroom visitation, Canada, where were the 'grays'?

Location. Wetaskiwin Alberta Canada

Date: August 8 1961 Time: 03:30 a.m.

Charles Cummings was awakened from his sleep and the dawn light could clearly make out two men who were standing near him, one at the foot, and the other at the head of the bed. He struggled to get up but felt paralysed and could only wonder what was going on in front of him. Strangely, he felt content and fearless as the two figures spoke to each other and then to him. The two men were small, 4 or 5 feet tall at the most, and were smartly dressed in a 2-piece suit of soft dark coloured cloth like material with a belt around the middle. Each had a face helmet or glass bubble pushed back behind his head. The man at the head of the bed appeared older and had a receding hair line. Both were beautifully proportioned. Neither walked, but floated through the air. Both figures spoke with the man for what seemed a minute, and intimated to him that they would come back and see him again. All at once, one of the visitors said to the other, “I think he’s waking up on us, we’d better go.” The two figures then just disappeared in front of the astonished man. As this happened a hissing, like air coming out of a pipe, could be heard. As the two figures disappeared, the man no longer was frozen to the bed. He burst up, landed on the floor, got up and rushed out to the back of the house which faces south. He saw nothing out of the ordinary, and returned to find his wife awake. She too had been awakened by the two figures and she too felt paralysed as she could do nothing but look on at the cosmic visitors. Unknown to both of them, a neighbour directly to the east, Dr Gerald Whitney, was awake at the same time and looked out of his window and saw a bluish brilliant globe, 25-30 ft in diameter, taking off from in front of Mr. Cummings house; it rose to 50-75 ft altitude, and then disappeared.

Humcat 1961-10
Dr. Paul D. Franck, for Nicap and John Bent Musgrave quoting Bill Holt

Webmaster's note: Our thanks goes out to our colleague and fellow researcher Albert S Rosales for the above report. Often these types of bedroom visitations are considered UFO in origin, however we felt these are better served not being added to any one specific category.