Experiences that do not easily fit into other categories

Location. Murdochville, Quebec, Canada
Date: May 1965 Time: morning

8-year old Sonia Gagnon was on her way to school when she encountered a strange female figure with long brown hair and brown eyes; the figure appeared very sad and engaged the witness in conversation. The young witness seemed to have lost track of time and was suddenly snapped out of an apparent trance-like state by the sounds of bells ringing. She arrived late to school and had apparently been missing for some time. She could only recall that the strange woman wore a black and white outfit.

HC addendum
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: E or
G? Could this be an unexplored UFO abduction event?

Our thanks goes out to researcher Albert S. Rosales. Albert collects reports on UFO and other humanoid sightings from around the globe and may be reached at garuda79@att.net