British Columbia

Summerland BC UFO Report August 2007

I was driving out of Summerland towards Kelowna ,had just got into where the Hwy 97 turns into a single between the mountain and Ok. lake. It was 9pm. I looked up and saw a bright lime green orb like object fly by over in front of me about a couple hundred feet maybe more.It ascended over the mountain or hill on the left of the highway.The object was large and moved much too slowly to be anything that i could understand to be man made.Even too slowly too be meteor-like which would logically ascend rapidly and out of control.What really struck me as odd was the really bright lime green colour. After witnessing this I pulled over in awe hoping to see it again. I also then called my mother on my cell and explained what i saw.Then drove back home in Winfield.

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