British Columbia

Prince George, June 20th  2011 approx 2 am


"My encounter happened in Prince George, British Columbia at around 2:00 a.m. I was sitting on my balcony and our view backs onto some foothills not far from our apartment. I saw a white light, about the size of a satellite when you can see them passing by. That is what I initially thought it was as it moved at a slow pace on the ridgeline of the foothills. when it started coming in and out of view is when i noticed it was a bit strange. i watched it for another minute or 2 and it gradually starting moving northwest so i followed it with my eye as far as i could until it was almost out of view. Suddenly another white orb came into view what looked like a few kilometres ahead of the original UFO,but moving in the same direction. The original UFO i saw started to follow the other as if it was trying to catch up or follow it and both disappeared out of view. At last glimpse the first UFO i saw seemed to be starting to dim out toward the end of the sighting.  Not the greatest event,but the interaction between the 2 really caught my eye and left me wondering. thanks for reading"


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