British Columbia

Duncan BC February 25th 2012 4pm approx.


The witness writes:

"Hello saw a bright star like light in the sky today this afternoon wondering if anyone else saw it.I first thought it was a helicopter but it was too bright for the headlight of a copter I feel also it was too still too steady i actually thought it was really a star about the same size as one at night but this was in broad daylight cloudy sky it was between clouds and I was parked facing the Duncan BC track in the middle of the city of Duncan.My five year old son was with me he saw it as well.We stared for about five minutes at it I could not make sense of it waited for it to do something then it disappeared suddenly to the left at an upward angle.What then got to me as strange was not that we saw this light but that later on today i was searching in the used cowichan for junk for free and this add for Gibbons road was free items and I couldn't recall where that was I am new to Duncan.I punched in on the internet road map for Duncan.I punched in Gibbons road Duncan BC I see a video for a footage of driving down Gibbons road I press that and there's this video for footage next to that for UFO sighting in Duncan BC. It the same looking light. Freaking weird I stumbled upon that.Too strange a coincidence. Strange feeling of "they're here""

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