Other Tours

We're not the only ghost tour out there, just the best.

Ghosts ! At Fort Erie
- Spookier fort, summer and Hallowe'en tours
Spirit Tour of Old Fort Niagara
- Hallowe'en time only
St Catharines Downtown - Hallowe'en time

Haunted Walks of Canada
- Ottawa and Kingston tours
Oakville Haunted Walks
St John Haunted Hike
- Spirits on da rock Boy
A Taste of the World
- Toronto. Biking and walking tours, including some of the spooky variety.
Walking Tours of Haunted Toronto
- Toronto. Two exciting tours of "Toronto the Good's" darker past.
Ghost Walks - Haunted Hamilton

- Hallowe'en time
Old Montreal Ghost Trail
Ghost Tours of Quebec
Edmonton Ghosttours
Ghostly Walks
- Victoria, BC
- more of a theatrical ghost tour through Fredericton New Brunswick...I had fun

New Orleans Haunted History Tours - Looks really cool, pay attention Anne Rice fans 
New Orleans
- A different one 
Ghosts of Charleston 
Leesburg Ghost Tour 
Ghosts of Key West 
Haunted Mansion Restaurant
- Manufactured ghosts, but amusing 
Fell's Point Ghost Tour
- Baltimore
Chicago Supernatural Tours
-A Ghost-Bus-Tour (snicker snicker) 
Excursions into the Unknown
- Exploring Chicagolands haunts at Hallowe'en since 1983 !
Beaufort NC
Ghosts of New York
Mason Winfield Ghost Walks of New York State

Ghosts of New Mexico


Mercat Tours - Edinburgh and Glascow. My brother went on the Edinburgh tour and actually had the opportunity to be tortured ! 
Jack the Ripper Tours
- London



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