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1997-2005 - GHRS

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CKTB and The Ghosts and Hauntings Research Societies present...

The Group Investigation of

"What if I told you I knew of a place that had two odd "evp" type recordings captured in it? A place that had doors that opened and closed seemingly of their own volition? A place that had a very visible object moved by unseen hands witnessed by several people? A place where electronic equipment picked up and broadcast everything to mysterious voices and sounds but also a web-cam that picked up an unknown mist that could not have been bad lighting or any other "normal" anomaly? What if this place had several reports of the apparition of a man wandering about? What if a group of six people all experienced the same physical "problem" in the same place and a psychic (without knowing this,) said that it was caused by a ghost trying to block their movements?"

"What if I told you all this happened in the course of four hours?"

CLICK HERE to hear the odd noise broadcast in April of 2005 by 97.7 Hitz FM which broadcasts out of Oak Hill (Merritt House) alongside CKTB.

Welcome To Merritt House!

Merritt House was the home of William Hamilton Merritt, builder of the first Welland Canal and War of 1812 hero.

In brief, the home when we investigated it was the studios the paranormal radio program, the radio program host of a show on CKTB's "The a now cancelled radio program on the paranormal".

In 1858, the original home was victim to a terrible fire (which is the cause of speculation as arson cannot be ruled out,) and then rebuilt in an even grander form that we now see today. The Merritt's didn't enjoy their new home for long as William Merritt passed away two years after moving in to his newly finished home. The home then passed into the hands of eldest son Jededhiah Prendergast Merritt.

Since then, it has been an inn, a convalescent hospital, a rooming house and finally, a radio station. It was also apparently a "terminus" of the Underground Railroad during that terrible time in North America's history and a storage area for contriban whiskey being sent South of the border during the prohibition years.

It is now not only home to the radio stations but seems to be home to a MULTITUDE of ghosts. Before Matthew Didier's (director of the GHRS) first interview on a now cancelled radio program on the paranormal, a co-worker of his native to St. Catharines said, "Oh, that show's in the haunted house."

Since that time, interviews with Matthew have always yielded interesting results...

The first ever interview was with Matthew, Kyle Upton and the radio program host of a show on CKTB. To quote Kyle's book, Niagara's Ghosts at Fort George...

On Sunday December 20th, 1998, I was at Newstalk 610 CKTB radio station in St. Catharines participating in a live broadcast of the a now cancelled radio program on the paranormal, a talk radio show focusing on the paranormal, I was in the studio with the radio program host of a show on CKTB, the show's host, and we were on the air taking calls from the public preparing for a phone interview with a hauntings organization. the radio program host had just finished telling a little about the ghosts that haunt the studio building when we heard a voice. I heard two syllables of a man's voice through my earphones. I assumed that something had gone wrong, and I was hearing the producer's voice from the other studio. As it turns out, it was not the producer, although he heard a voice in the studio as well. Additionally, the FM broadcaster in a third separate studio also heard a voice. Despite the fact that the radio program host and I both distinctly heard the voice through our earphones, the voice was not broadcast on the air. I could only discern that it was a male voice, but the radio program host is positive that the two words were "Bite me". Strangely, the witnesses in the other studios heard a woman's voice expressing the criticism of the show's host.

This was Matthew's first interview on the relatively young GHRS's behalf and was very excited that his first "experience" included the words "Bite Me". He was on the phone (on hold) and therefore monitoring the broadcast with a friend also monitoring and did not hear the phenomena... This lack of "experience" would be relatively short lived.

Click Here to continue the report...

1997-2005 - GHRS (A PSICAN Group)