PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

"Wisdom begins in wonder."

Hello and welcome to our newly revamped website. Please excuse all the dust so to speak as we settle into our new online home. We will be working on debugging and correcting errors as we come across them. If you find any broken links or images feel free to drop us a line and let us know where on the website you encountered a problem. We'd appreciate it. 


Topics covered by PSICAN include.........

UFOs and related topics

Ghosts and Hauntings

Psychic Phenomena and PSI events


Special Human Attributes and Abilities

Frontier Sciences


Click on the topic tabs for a drop down menu consisting of each of the individual the provinces and territories for stories, articles, and reported experiences unique to each location. These sections of the website are continually expanding with new reports and fresh information.


We are Canadian based, but we do welcome everyone to browse, read, look through and otherwise enjoy our website.


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Please note: from March 2005 - December 2015 PSICAN was known as Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada, and you may come across older documents pre - January 2016 on this and other resources that still use the name Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada in reference to PSICAN. Although Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada is still us, as of January 2016 we will be using the word "inquiry" to better express our goals, mission and work. 


The paranormal is "...beset by True Believers ('They must be, therefore they are!') and True Unbelievers ('They can't be, therefore they aren't!') Rare are those who pursue evidence wherever it may lead, no matter how the results may square with their cherished hopes and dreams. Ironically, both the TBists and the TUists see themselves as champions of objective analysis and critical thinking, when in fact they are defenders of their respective faiths and, not incidentally, their egos." - Karl Pflock