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We received the following account in July 2009:

"My then thirteen yr. old son and I went up to my room to lay down, as he was feeling ill from the effects of his Fatty Liver Disease. This disease had been recurring since he was around eight yrs old. He would become very lethargic, very feverish, constant vomiting and diarrhea, this would last for anywhere from a week to a month.

I put him in our bed so I could watch in case he vomited while asleep. He turned to the right side of our room where my husband's dresser sits.  This dresser has a big mirror that sits atop it. My son said, "Hey look mommy, do you see her? She's in the mirror." I replied that of course I did, but could he explain what he saw.

He told me that in the mirror was a beautiful lady in white with wings and she was looking at him. I said "Honey, she's just your guardian angel. No need to be scared." And we went to sleep.

The very next night, I again, took him up to our room to lay down and he once again said, "Look mom! Can you see her now?" And when I turned to look into the mirror, I was completely taken aback because I saw a lady in white and she was smiling and glowing! I, however, also saw, a man dressed in what looked like brown top and brown pants and shoes, standing somewhat behind her, off to her left.

I asked my son if he saw the man too, but he said, "No, just the angel lady."

I panicked and started to cry and to my regret, I bolted from the room, with my son in hand!

She never appeared again, but to this day, since that event, he has never come down with the Fatty Liver Disease problem again. He is now 17 yrs. old and he still remembers our 'experience' , although, he has no recollection of a man in brown, as I do.

I believe she was my son's Guardian Angel, trying to let me and my son know that he would soon be over this illness.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing these experiences with us,and our readers. We appreciate it, and hopefully this will bring some comfort to others experiencing something similar that they are not alone.  If you have experienced something that you believe may be paranormal in nature please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.