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"I have a very odd story to report. I recently was home visiting my parents. In my mother's elaborate flower garden in the backyard are buried our two beloved dogs. Each one has a little plaque adorning their graves with their names and birth and death dates. Whenever I am home during the warmer weather I always make a point of going by the garden each time I visit and say a little "hello" to the doggies.

One afternoon my mother and I were sitting in the backyard talking, enjoying the lovely day. I had my feet folded underneath my seat and all of a sudden I felt a familiar feeling of a dogs' nose pressing up against the bottom of my foot, as if it was trying to get my attention! It pressed pretty hard, I could feel the sensation of a dog's nose against my foot.

Both of our family dogs were very small and had a habit of of trying to get your attention this way. I was pretty shocked by the whole incident but didn't mention it to my mother because I didn't want to upset her. When it happened I immediately looked underneath my chair and saw nothing around that could have caused
this. I did not imagine this. Maybe one of our pets was saying hello to me. Anyway, it was a very unusual experience.

Thank-you for reading my story about my "encounter" with my deceased pet dog. It was a very nice experience for me. I grew up with pets and whenever I go home to visit I always say a private hello to them. Our family cat is buried in our front garden and the two dogs are in the backyard flower garden. It is very special and not morbid at all. Pets are members of the family too."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us, and our readers. We appreciate it, and hopefully this will bring some comfort to others who may be experiencing something similar in the knowledge that they are not alone.  If you have experienced something you think may be paranormal in Ontario or elsewhere in Canada please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.