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The black-mouthed old ladies of Montreal ....... The term "Black Mouthed Old Ladies" is something we coined as it's an accurate description... You see, we've received not one, but two independent reports featuring these creepy apparitions over a year long period.

The stories are both from Montreal, Quebec, and have been confirmed as being from two very separate sources that did not (to the best of our abilities to check) contact each other prior to speaking with us. In fact they were from opposite ends of the city.

Basically, in both cases, the witnesses were male and saw effectively the same thing... although the absolute descriptions varied, one aspect was identical.

Both men saw what, for all intents and purpose was a normal "little old lady" in their home. This was unusual for both men as no "little old ladies" were visiting or expected. The women walked through the room where each man was located quite normally except for one disturbing thing...

Both women are described as having their mouths hanging open... as if they had no muscle control to close them. As opposed to having a tongue or teeth, the mouths are just a vacant, black, dark hole. Hence, "Black Mouthed Old Ladies".

There is nothing sinister in their actions, the women appear in the room, walk through it oblivious to the witness and then simply vanish.

The first report received was from a young gentleman who while painting an apartment in which an elderly lady passed away shortly before, he describes feeling a presence, (like the feeling you get when someone is standing behind, watching) and when he looked up, saw an old lady whose mouth was open and (gulp) it seemed to him that it was extraordinarily BLACK inside. He describes it as a "black hole".

The woman walked into a room and simply disappeared. (He didn't finish the painting job)

We filed away this strange report, and did not publicize it until approx. a year later when we received yet another one .....

The second occurred during daylight hours also .... it was different young man in another house, located across town. In this case he was merely watching television when he turned around from his seat on the couch to see a "black-mouthed old lady" walk by .....needless to say he was quite startled ..... and highly disturbed by her rather unique appearance .......

Over the years we have tried to find similar reports ..... have searched through mountains of text on folklore from various cultures, and have found nothing quite like these gruesome apparitions .......

Have you ever heard of anything similar? Have any theories on why she would appear with a large gaping black hole where her mouth should be?

I've got to admit that it is not often I receive a ghost report or read a story that frightens me .... but the thought of bumping into one of these specters is rather chilling! And yeah, even this hardened sceptical gal would want to run!

Sleep tight!

Have you encounteres something similar? Have you any information that may help us with these reports? Please contact us at Thank you!