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Stanstead, April 16. — Stanstead has a "haunted" house. It is right on Main Street, and the tenants bear absolute testimony to the presence of the spirits. Tea tables, which have been cleared away, are found set for breakfast in the morning; pictures hanging in their accustomed place in the evening are found on the floor in the morning, trunks securely locked at night, are found opened at daybreak and contents strewn about. Such things are repeated night after night. Children suddenly awake during the night, and cry out that someone is near them. Footsteps are distinctly heard passing from room to room in the dead of night. The ghost was most persistent in removing a certain picture from the wall. The room was finally locked and the key placed out of reach. The result was the same. Next morning, the picture was again on the floor, face downward. This was repeated several times until the picture was placed in another place where it was allowed to remain. The mystery is deep. Those who believe in ghosts credit the weird tales of their doings in this house — there are others who do not.

Originally published "It Comes from Stanstead Plain" The Daily News, Sherbrooke, Quebec on April 16,1900


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