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"In October of 2007, I was hospitalized for an infectious disease. I was very close to death and when I came out of the hospital in November of 2007, I went home. A few days later I was sleeping in my bed and saw this white figure (very tall, slim) and it walked right into my parent's room and it turned its head to look in my direction. Being paralyzed by fear, i was in no state to move, talk, or scream. And so, the apparition walked out of my parent's room and walked into my room and walked around my bed to see my face. It was a tall, really pale, slim, mid 30's bald guy. It looked at me as though it was searching for someone, thinking I might be the one he's looking for. After a minute or so of observing me, it walked out by my window and disappeared. I've seen him/ felt his presence only once or twice a year afterwards until the past two weeks or so, its been more frequent. I have asked my mother what it could possibly be, she said it was most likely a lost soul searching his family or what not or maybe my guardian angel. To be honest, at the point I'm at, i really don't know what to think. I live in a house built in the 70's and it doesn't have the typical aspect of a haunted house which brings me to think that the one haunted, is me."

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