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"I'm pretty sure that as a child I was haunted. Maybe it's because I was young and innocent, but I have had a couple of experiences. One of them,the one that was most obvious and that other people witnessed, was in a new house my parents had just bought. I was about 7 or 8 years old when this happened. My room was on the second floor, a nice big room with my bed and a very big dresser made of very thick wood, the ones that stand tall, and a smaller one with a mirror. My grand-mother who was about 58 at the time was my babysitter. Anyway, the layout of the room was like this, my bed was against the wall but in the middle of the wall, the big dresser was in a corner and I don't remember where the other one was. I got home from school one day and went to my room, my grand-mother was down stairs fixing lunch or supper. When I got to my room I noticed that my big dresser was pushed right against my bed which was about 4 feet from my bed. No scratches on the hard wood floor. My grand-mother alone could not move the dresser across the hard wood floor without scratching it, it was too big and heavy. My father said that it took two people to lift the dresser and move it. He called the contractor of the new house and asked him if a dresser that size could move on it's own because of the settling of the house, the contractor said absolutely not. Sorry if I'm making mistakes, I'm used to writing in French. This happened more than once, always without scratching the hard wood floor.

In the same house, I was in bed for the night and I could hear someone in the kitchen getting a glass of water and reading the newspaper...turning the pages of the newspaper. I go downstairs because I wanted a glass of water too. When I got to the kitchen, only the light above the stove was on. No one was in the kitchen, but the glass was on the counter next to the sink and the newspaper was neatly folded on the table. I got scared and ran down to the basement where my parents were,they were watching tv. I asked them who was upstairs just minutes ago and they said no one. I got chills up my spine, I still do today when I think of it! I was told that the houses in the neighbourhood were built over where an old cemetery once was, I don't know if it's true or not, but it's what the contractor had told my father."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing these childhood experiences with us. We appreciate, and hope that by sharing these types of events other who may be experiencing something similar can take some comfort in knowing they are not alone. have you experienced something paranormal in Quebec? If so, please contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.