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The following was sent in by one of our readers:


"Like some of the entries, i am a first time reader of this page. I like the  idea that people with paranormal sightings have the opportunity to mingle  with those that have had similar experiences. Well, my story takes place in  Pierrefonds, Montreal. I was about 10 at the time, and would have a tough  time going to sleep. The reason was that i would constantly hear footsteps at  night. When everyone would be asleep, i would here footsteps walk down  through the hall and enter my room. The steps were not hurried, but casual.  What was eerie was the sound they made on the wooden floor. But i can still  here those footsteps vividly in my memory as the walked down the hall and close to my bed. That is when they would disappear.

I complained long and hard to my parents, but they just blamed it on the old house setteling. But just recently I brought the topic up again, and my dad  said I was correct in mentioning the footsteps constantly. He even said I complained about seeing shadows in the room, but I can't recall that. BUt  when I look back at this event, my perception gives me the feeling that it was an older gentleman just lost between this life and the after life.

Interestingly, in the same house, one night we heard a horrible shriek come out of the basement. I had my uncles over, so some of them ran to the  basement, and others went outside. Not a person was in sight. The shriek was horrible, but it sounded as though somebody was throwing up as well. It could have been a joke, but we saw no presence of human activity near by."


Our thanks to the witness for sharing these childhood experiences with us. We appreciate, and hope that by sharing these types of events other who may be experiencing something similar can take some comfort in knowing they are not alone. have you experienced something paranormal in Quebec? If so, please contact us at  Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.