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The witness writes:

"I have heard sounds from another dimension, the sound of breaking crockery in the cupboards. In winter, with no air flow in the house, a door has triggered and shut by itself by turning the handle. I saw a shadow walk on walls when I was sleeping in the basement, but nobody had been walking outside that could explain the figure who walked on the walls. I know this because I live in the countryside. The most frightening thing was this morning when I woke up in front of a dark figure standing before me, but this figure had formed of matter and I could distinguish a human form beside my bed. I started screaming and then I closed my eyes, and when I opened them it (the human form) was gone. My mother has even heard the sound of a crying baby, but I've never heard that. This is obviously a paranormal phenomenon from another dimension to ours. The explanation for ghost this is logical because of his human being who was present and their behavior reflects well. We just call them specter or ghost, or shade or demon. But no matter because it does not belong to our world."

Our thanks to the witness for sharing these experience with us. If you have had a similar experience or have encountered something that you believe may have been paranormal in Quebec please contact us via Your privacy will be protected.