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One of our readers writes:


"We moved into the apartment building in Montreal when I was 3 yrs old. Since then, I would never be alone in my room because I felt like I was being watched at night. We moved out and moved back in again when I was 13. The experiences seemed to intensify at that time. I could hear a little girl's voice calling my name, I could even see her though she was blurry. I could also sense another presence that would come inside my room from time to time while the little girl would only look into my room but not come in.
One night, the corner of my bed closest to my feet sank in as if somebody was sitting down, but there was no one but me in my room.
My mother has seen her and heard her call out for "mom". My mother thought it was one of us (we are 3 sisters) but we were all asleep in our rooms. She's heard walking in her room as well. My youngest sister had an ice pack on her mouth and she had taken it off because it was getting too cold. When she went to place it back, it was as if somebody was pulling in the opposite direction. She was alone with my mother in the house.
When I left to move in with my boyfriend into the apartment we are in now, my mother noted that the little girl seemed to be looking for me. She'd see her walk back and forth in front of my old bedroom door.

We don't know who this little girl is. But before the apartment building was built, the land was a farmhouse land. At the corner of the street there was the farm house and the whole "block" used to be the farm land."
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