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The Château Ramezay is a museum and historic building on Notre-Dame Street in Old Montreal, opposite Montreal City Hall.

"My family and I went to the Chateau Ramesay in old Montreal. My 17 year old daughter and I were entering the ballroom when I heard a noise that sounded like someone's heels tapping on the wooden floor and a then a light thump of a door closing. My daughter heard these same sounds. However I saw from the corner of my eye a woman in period clothing going out of the ballroom from a door further in the room. There were a few other people in the building including guides in costumes so I didn't think anything of it until I entered the ballroom fully and realised that there was no other door where I had seen the woman exit and there was no one in the room ahead of us.

I have no idea who she could have been because Chateau Ramesay has been rebuilt and redesigned many times. In fact from what I've learnt the panelling in the ballroom was imported from a castle in France to the French pavilion of Expo 67 and then donated to Chateau Ramesay. I'm not even sure that the original building had a ballroom."

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