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Is There A Haunting in the House of the Builders?

Alma is a town with a population of over 30 000 situated on the eastern shore of Lac Saint-Jean.

The witness writes:

"In the summer of 2007, I worked at a local museum called House of the Builders in Alma, Qc. I was working as a guide for the summer. One day, I was reading a book to improve my guided tours. I was standing in a door frame when I started hearing footsteps coming from the other end of the basement. I was alone in the basement at the time. The sound was steady, going like : clac, clac clac, clac, clac, steps after steps. Suddenly, I could hear the sound of footsteps turning the corner of the hallway I was standing in. The sound was coming toward me. I say the sound because I was hearing it but I saw no one. Something invisible was walking toward me. After a few seconds, I felt something, like a presence standing in front of me in the door frame. The presence was small, like a child standing in front of me. My instinct took over and I bolted to the other end of the hallway and I turned around to see if someone was following me, still nothing to see. I ran up the stairs back to the ground floor. There were no customers in the house. Even the receptionist was away from her desk. The building was built in 1936, as the town hall of a company town. In the 1960s, it was a police precinct for the Sûreté du Québec. It was the only weird thing that happened to me that summer"

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Please click here for the official website of the House of the Builders, and to read a history of this building

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