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UFO details report: One New Year's Eve a few years ago (2007?) I was at a house party in Wembley AB. I was celebrating light that year since I went overboard the year before. I had had about two coolers. I decided to go check out the action on the deck, some of our friends were in the hot tub. I stood with two of my friends it was probably around 10:30 pm. All of a sudden I had this feeling and I looked up, all three of us did. It was... Insane. I heard nothing as a large slow moving diamond shaped (or house shaped like five sides) craft hovered across my plane of view from the right side straight across to the left and just as soon as it appeared it was gone. It was super low maybe only 80ft over the large tree in the yard... It was probably the size of a Cessna aircraft. It had dim red lights on the bottom. I still to this day can't believe what I saw. It was like a modern stealth jet but what would it be doing there in small town Wembley on New Year's Eve. And like I said it was dead silent and flying much too low and slow.

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