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British Columbia

Hi there,This occurred in the summer of July 1994. I was working a late shift in West Vancouver, British Columbia and got off duty at 0200hrs. I met up with some friends of mine in the parking lot of the Cypress Bowl Ski resort. The parking lot was vacant, just myself and my friends and the ski resort was shut down for the night. It was a warm, clear night with tons of stars visible. The resort is high above the city of Vancouver and the way that parking lot lies, there is a mountain between the city and the parking lot and there is little light pollution for being so close to the city.We were all lying on our backs on the parking lot pavement facing north west and looking up at the sky and about to partake in some beers. This is when we noticed a pinpoint of light, about the size of and magnitude of the brighter stars in the sky, but this one was moving about the same speed as a commercial aircraft at high altitude from the north west sky, travelling to the south east sky. We originally thought this was a satellite when after about 10 seconds of observing it, it abruptly dog legged to the south at a high rate of speed for less than a second and then resumed it's track to the south west at the same speed. It literally zig zagged. The object would have had to abruptly turn to the right then turn to the left, the turns were immediate at 90 degree angles and there was no graduated turns that the object made that it would have had to made if it were some type of aircraft. The object continued on it's track and disappeared about 10 seconds later, prior to reaching the south east horizon. It was difficult to say how high the object was or how large it was as we only saw a pinpoint of white light. There was no sound associated and the object did not shimmer, unlike the background stars.

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