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British Columbia

I have had several sighting of UFO's since I was a child. The first was when I was six years old on the coast of British Columbia in a small town called Bella Coola. Because of its mountains and remote location there is never any air traffic there. My Dad and Mom and I were leaving my grandmothers house late one night, I remember my Dad saying what the hell is that. I looked up and saw a big disc with purple and white rotating lights hovering above our truck. I don't remember anything after that. My Mom remembers seeing it to this day so I know it was not a figment of my imagination. Unfortunately my Dad cannot remember the event. Around 2005 When I lived in Taylor B.C. I filmed a ball of fire falling from the sky, it seemed as though it was trying to fly. It would veer sideways and then slowly fall straight then it would zig zag. CJDC the local news came and did a story on it and I also sent the story to CBC with the footage but never had a return call. So that was the end of that. Last summer my husband, his friend Shawn and myself were sitting outside having a fire. We lived just outside Dawson Creek on the Kiskatnaw river. It was a very quiet night around 2 in the morning. I looked up and saw a light flying low through the cloud. At first I thought it was a plane but it had no sound and it was really low. Then behind it there was a second light that was triangle shaped with two lights on the sides. It was chasing the other light and it to had no sound. Then all of a sudden the first light disappeared and the second immediately turned sharply in a sideways direction and took off. Everyone saw this happen. I still see things that I cannot explain but these 3 incidents were the most vivid and thought I should share them.

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