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British Columbia

Prince George Spring 2013 UFOs

UFO details report: This incident happened in the spring of 2013. I don't remember the date but it must have been late spring, maybe April or May. I was driving to work toward downtown Prince George around 8:30 AM. I was driving along Ferry avenue near the cemetery and toward the Fraser river, when I noticed what looked like a very bright star. It was after dawn and the sky was blue so I thought it might be Venus or another planet as they are often visible at this time of day when other stars are no longer visible. I noticed something strange about the relationship of the position of the object above the hills across the river. It seemed like the object was moving very quickly in a straight line moving west away from the city. I estimated that if the object were at an elevation comparable to that of an airplane, it was likely 5 to 10 kilometers away from me, over the forest, and moving much faster than a plane; likely 1000 to 1500 km/hr. I could only see it for   maybe a minute before I rounded the corner by the river and lost sight of the object behind the now-looming hills. There is an airport nearby by the trajectory did not seem right for a plane, nor did the speed of the object. There were none of the usual blinking red or green lights normally on planes. Planes in the area would be either landing or taking off - not passing overhead. There are no flyover routes in the area.

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