PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

Prince George June 1st 1983 11pm

UFO details report: This is not a recent sighting but rather one that happened over 30 years ago, but I wanted to share my experience now just in case for whatever reason I can't in the future.On an early summer evening at around 11:00 pm on a very clear moon lit night I saw an alien craft in the sky. I won't say it was an Unidentified Flying Object because it was definitely not a human made craft. A jet flying overhead at 20.000 can't be identified by its airline logo but we know its of human make.


What I saw was of alien make and design. I call this a NHOC, or Non Human Operated Craft. Travelling as a passenger in a car south of 100 Mile House, heading south, the trees on either side of highway 97 thinned out enough so I could see off into the distance somewhat. Looking to my right I noticed what I thought at first was lights of a low flying plane at what I judged to be around 10 clicks out, at what I think was only about 300 metres from the ground. Fear and incredulity hit me as I saw 5 distinct colours of white, blue, red, green and orange in a V shaped formation approach us at such a high rate of speed that at the time I just could not believe what I was seeing.


The lights seemed to slow down as it neared, and for just a brief moment I clearly saw that the lights were not independent of each other, but rather were underneath and part of an extremely large V shaped or boomerang shaped craft. Because of the cloudless night lit up with stars and a bright moon I could see the faint outline of an alien craft. IT WAS HUGE. At least half a click in width from wing tip to wing tip. To say that it picked up speed and shot off to my left heading east would be a gross understatement. More like it engaged at warp 10. From the time I first spotted the lights, saw that it was non human and watched it peel off until it grew too faint to see anymore, took about a grand total of 7 seconds from start to finish. And of course, the person driving didn't see anything. He was too busy cursing the air blue that his car had momentarily lost all electrical power and shut down in the middle of highway 97. I think I weakly said I just saw a UFO but I remember the withered look he gave me and I made no more attempt at bringing it up.It's taken me 30 years to talk about this. Back in the day you would have been labelled a crack pot but in today's world its more common place.


The whole incident was strange and scary and wonderful but one detail that still haunts me was the lack of sound. Not only was this craft completely silent on its overhead pass of us, but I dimly recall that there was no noise at all. No radio no engine no tire noise, just absolute and complete silence for a couple of seconds as it passed overhead. almost like what happens to our ears as we descend from a plane, only times that by 10.I hope my telling of this incident does not come across as rambling. I have seen many light orbs since that night 30 years ago but they were not ever as physically as real as that V shaped NHOC.

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