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British Columbia

Aldergrove BC Crescent Shaped May 1st 2014 8 or 9pm

UFO Details Report: On May 1st at about 9pm (maybe slightly earlier or later, it had just become dark) I was sitting in my backyard with a friend. She was looking at the sky and started yelling at me to come by her and look at something. I looked up, and about 100ft above my house was an oval object moving incredibly slow, which immediately disputed the possibility of it being an airplane. The object had a crescent shaped part at the front that was slightly more visible than the rest. The strangest part of the whole thing was the object was almost not visible, the only reason I could see it was because there was a sort of glare from my patio's lights being reflected off of it. It looked like a sheet of glass, almost. There was no sound, or lights anywhere on it. After about 10 seconds it literally disappeared. It didn't pick up speed or go in any specific direction, it literally just disappeared before my eyes. There were no lights, there were distinguishable grooves near the crescent shaped front-but no light was coming from it.

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