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British Columbia

Harrison Lake Square-Shaped Lights UFO June 23rd 2014 1am

UFO details report: The early morning of Monday June 23rd both my husband and I went for a walk on the beach at Harrison Hot Springs here in British Columbia.  We walked around until we reached an area close to the man made lake with benches and sat down.  As we chatted all of a sudden birds that were swimming in the lake behind us seemed to get startled by something, squawked and quickly flew away.  At this moment we looked back as you can imagine it was very dark, not a star in the nights sky as it was a cloudy night/morning.  As we turned back around in the seat my husband noticed two bright lights in the sky that seemed to be below cloud level, they were steady in the sky not a sound was heard.  I started shooting video right after I took a still shot of the lights.  As the video started recording the lights seemed to slightly turn to the left.  Then seemed to start coming together, the light on the left started to flicker then went off and at that point the light on the right started to do the same. The bright lights disappeared.  We sat there for about 10-15 more minutes in amazement of what we just experienced.  It started to become extremely cold and windy after, so we walked back to the resort.  Earlier on Sunday June 22nd at around 10pm-10:30pm we were swimming in the pool at Harrison resort and we saw the same bright light, just one at that time though. ..we kind of brushed it off not really realizing what it might be. If you zoom up on the still photo I've taken, both lights are identical in shape, size and brightness.  

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