PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

Aldergrove July 18th 2014 10:30pm

UFO details report: It was going to rain so I was outside approx 9:30pm to put tarp on tent and roof on tracker and I started feeling symptoms of a migraine nausea and headache so i went inside to lay down with ice pack on couch. It had not started to rain but the clouds had come in.I turned lights down and lay down on my couch with ice pack for approx 45mins. I noticed out of my right eye bright red what I thought were florescent lights through my living room window. It is six feet wide four ft height. Both side windows were opened with screens on. It was now dark outside 10:30 approx.The left window is open and the red object was the whole width of window. There was a sound that was very low feel more like pressure ..ohm ohm. I felt it more than heard. The red laser/florescent beams were coming out of bright light in all directions and were different lengths up to ten feet or more.The area behind was illuminated with red light. I couldn't define any outline. I sat up on couch and said 'holy shit' I knew that this made no sense.I said 'holy shit' again feeling mesmerized by what i was seeing.I called my daughter. I continued to stare at it and walked to window to get a better look.My daughter came into room and we both watched it hover then red beams retracted and red glow dimmed and it retracted in upon itself and got 100times smaller than it originally was.We could see the red beams get smaller and go into the light.the brightness faded and it blinked an small orange/amber light twice and disappeared. I didn't even think to take a picture. We were wondering if beings could see us.

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