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British Columbia

Campbell River BC August 11 2014 9:10pm

ufo details report: On Aug 11, 2014 @ 2110 I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed. I walked to my open bedroom window to look outside. It wasn't quite dusk. It was a hot sunny day, some clouds and humidity were just rolling in. An almost full moon was rising out of my sight. It was a bright evening. I was looking east* when I noticed what I thought was a plane ascending. There is a small airport in that direction so it made sense.I saw a red and a green light. This too meant plane. Except the object was completely stationary and the lights were moving. The red and green light came both to the side of the object I could see. They were brilliantly bright.The object looked like a short soup can. After it turned (no dips) the object moved vertically towards the ground. Picture a spider dropping on it's web.It hovered for a few seconds.The object then began to move horizontally north and back south. I was loosing sight of it behind a neighbour's tree now. It was very low in the sky. And incredibly bright. I felt there is no way no one else could not see this. I also was beyond scared. This was real. I went around closing every window and blind. Texted my husband to come home from the neighbours. I peeked out the window again and there it was, to the left of the tree. My husband came home quick. I asked him to look outside and he saw nothing. I was awake all night scared that it would return.


* Correction: The witness contacted us to let us know there was a mistake in the initial report and they were actually facing west.


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