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British Columbia

Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island August 2013 Approx time: 11-11:45

ufo details report: My daughter and I were out in our yard, watching the sky, hoping to see some shooting stars as it was during the yearly Perseid meteor shower.  My daughter spotted the UFO first, and pointed it out to me.  I said it's probably a plane, but it was kind of too low to be a plane, and it was going the wrong way.  The planes always fly overhead on the same path. This object was crossing that path, not following it.  

Also, there was no sound.  So I ran inside to grab my binoculars. What I saw thru the binocs will stay with me always because it absolutely was NOT a plane of any kind. It was completely circular and extremely bright with lights.  There was one large light in the middle and it was completely surrounded by littler lights, all around the edge.  I gave the binoculars to my daughter so she could see it up close also.

Then I had to take them back from her and I continued to watch it through the binoculars till it disappeared behind the treeline.  

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