PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

White Rock BC November 15th 2014 12:30am

UFO details report: Hi, the other night I stepped out onto my apartment balcony to take a look at the moon and stars as it was a crystal clear night sky. I quickly noticed a small red light about the size of star, which I assumed was a satellite. I continued watching it when it suddenly stopped almost instantly. It remained motionless for about five seconds before it suddenly took off in a completely different direction. It did this two more times, stopping and then starting off in a totally different direction.The changes in direction reminded me of watching a dragon fly or hummingbird. The acceleration of the object was instantaneous and the speed at which it would travel was consistent.The object finally continued in the direction it had originally been heading (SW) until I could no longer see it due to an obstructed view.This experience was life changing for me. I'm still shaking a little bit  as I type this a couple hours later.

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