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British Columbia

Rock Creek BC April 2006 (date and time given approx)

UFO details report: "It was the spring of 2006, in the afternoon. I was nine at the time, and my mother told me we had to go pick up my sister from her baseball game. I always loved racing my mother out to the truck. As I was getting to the truck, and grabbed the door handle, something caught my eye. It was hard not to see the object, my house is located in the central part of rock creek. Above the mountain, there was a black object, which to me looked like it was malfunctioning. You know how a penny drops and does that spinning motion? It was exactly like that. I didn't know what to think of it. It couldn't of been a balloon because it had to of been huge by what altitude it was at. Planes and jets fly over here regularly, and it couldn't of been that. Helicopters make lots of sound, especially with the mountains echoing their sound. Nothing could rule out what it really was. I believe that it could of been military operated. Maybe it wasn't working properly, rock creek isn't far from the U.S boarder, so maybe it's for protecting/watching it. It was pure black so maybe it was supposed to be used at night. My reaction was being in complete shock, but in a way calming. I cannot explain how it was calming, I guess seeing it for myself instead of hearing it from others kind of put me at ease.  When my mother finally came out, she was stunned. This object looked so irregular to the environment. You could see the sun reflecting off of the object as it was moving. Let me note that it stayed in the same spot as it was doing that motion. My mother told me we had to go, which I regret doing. The place we had to pick up my sister wasn't even five minutes away. When we got back, there wasn't any sign of it. I hope this sheds some light on people who saw it too, or have similar sightings."

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