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British Columbia

9:33 PM Saturday March 21st/2015 in Sechelt BC


The witness writes:

"My brother and I witnessed our first UFO. We were walking on the beach to our car and once we got into the car is when I noticed a light orange (looked like the color fire almost) Its so hard to describe this color however I noticed it was flying pretty close to us and it had no noise and it was not a plane. The colors did not match any airplanes we usually see. It was travelling slow then it was going pretty fast across the sky. As my brother noticed it too I told him to turn off our car lights so we can get a better look. As soon as we did that it disappeared. We have been looking at the sky ever since and now we are true believers and I am hoping someone in our area have seen the thing at the same time."


Update: Saturday March 22nd 2015 Sechelt BC 12 am West Sechelt in front of Trail Islands


Another witness writes:


UFO details report: "My husband was smoking on the patio when he told me to come see the lights, I saw two pairs of blue white lights come in between the trail islands then infront of the island (from my view) then two more pairs of lights turned on, once all for pairs of light were lined up infront of the island a red light in the front/middle flared up and then white spot lights came in and were shining on to the water. The pairs of light moved around and dimmed (like a throbbing light and dark). Two pairs disappeared and other lights turned on to the left of the island then the other lights all move to the very left, then back to the middle, then back to the left then all the way back the way they came. I was soo freaked out!!! They looked like they were all above the water, traveling too fast and semetrical to be a boat or barge. And the distance between was way to big to be a boat, there was no noise. It was a really clear night, two evenings ago, March 22 at about 12:00 midnight. I checked with the RCMP and there were no coast guard or police boats out at the time. The duration of this even was probably 6-10 mins, I tried to get photos but my phone was full. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen! Some of the lights just disappeared  and the other pair just floated away. "


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