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British Columbia

UFO details report: I am not sure this qualifies as a UFO story, but here is what we saw. It was August 2005, I do not recall the exact day. We were driving to Kelowna from the lower mainland *late in the evening so my son would sleep thru the trip. We had just passed thru Great Bear snowshed going up the steep incline when dozens upon dozens of small car sized fireballs started falling out of the sky. All of the fireballs fell into the ravine to the right. I wanted to pull over but my wife and I thought better of it as we believed there was going to be a major forest fire. I checked the news the next day expecting to hear of a fire along the coquihalla but there was nothing. We drove back 2 days later and it was like nothing had been there. no scorching, burns or anything.It was very unusual.


*11pm approx


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