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British Columbia

Clearwater British Columbia Sept 26th, 2015 in the late evening approx.10 Kms south of town


Witness Report: My husband and I were driving along Highway 5, just before Clearwater. We were just passing the time and there was nothing going on. I was staring out the window and saw a perfectly shaped, whitish circle in front of our truck. I was thinking about what I was seeing because I've never seen anything like it before. As it passed over the truck, I heard my husband say, "what was that?"  So we had both seen the same thing independently. He said, "that looked like a ball of energy". To which I agreed. We have discussed everything it could have been but our best description is a "whitish orb"


Webmaster's note: This report was sent in via our ghost reporting form, which may be how this event was perceived by the experiencers, however it could also be seen as a UFO event depending on one's belief. This may be a case of ball lightening, although a check of weather conditions at the time does not really support this as a possibility and at this time remains unexplained.


Our thanks goes out to the witness for sharing this experience with us. If you have seen something similar at this date/time/location, can add further information to this report, or have experienced something that you believe may be paranormal within Canada please contact us at or fill out our reporting form. Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.