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New Brunswick

The witness writes:

"One July evening in the summer of around 1996-97, I was living in Holmesville, N.B., about 5 miles out back of Bath. A friend and I were coming home one evening from Beechwood, about 5 miles away when we noticed a small light just above the tree line, quiet a ways from us. After ruling out a radio tower as a reason for the light, we began to notice that the light was moving in the same direction as we were.  There was a bend in the road and after coming to a top of a hill, there was potato fields on both sides of the road.  When we were watching the light it was just over a mountain called Moose Mountain, but within seconds the light went from being miles away to almost over the road ahead of us.  Since it was fairly late in the evening it was dark, when my friend and I stopped to get out of truck I could see cows in the field, the farm house, the grass even the rocks by the road, it seemed as it was daylight for almost a minute I would say. I remember standing there staring at it and then hearing my friend screeching to get in the truck.When I opened the door I caught a glimpse of the light up in the sky, going back the way it had come, but only for a second then gone.  My friend and I could not believe what we just witnessed.  While we were watching this light in the sky there was absolutely no noise at all, so that rules out airplanes, or helicopters of any kind."

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