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New Brunswick

We received the following report in 2013, but events occurred in the mid 1990s


This happened in the summer of 1994-1995 in Restigouche NB. I was in my living room playing SNES when I was puzzled by a sound coming from outside.It sounded like rolling thunder.The funny thing is the sky was clear and not stormy.So I went outside for further investigating.That's when I saw it.A huge object in the sky.It was completely covering my whole town.It was too big to be man made I thought to myself and basically froze in awe!!! at the spot.I looked how far the object stretched from and noticed lights all around it flashing like stars.It was huge in the sky.From the mountains up north to the ones from the south it stretched out in a circle shape.This was one big UFO.I was scared to tell my neighbour to look up and see this thing since was not sure what would happen.My neighbour had come home from the bar and went straight inside his home.I assumed it might have been a ship that was repairing it's cloaking device because the rolling thunder sound did not stop until the UFO left eyesight.The whole experience lasted about 5 minutes.

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