PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

New Brunswick

Maple Ridge New Brunswick July 26th 2014 9:30pm

UFO details report: I was sitting in the living room watching Netflix with my family, when my mother jumped off the couch and pointed out the window, saying,"Oh my God, look at that thing"!I personally believed it was an asteroid hurdling towards earth sealing our fate for impending doom. As I steadied my vision and heart rate, I realized the object in the sky was floating at a slow, steady speed.There was no sound. It was a glowing anomaly because I could not tell the shape due to the glow. I couldn't tell until the glow disappeared however. I couldn't believe my eyes because as it lost its glow it began to hover in place. My dad grabbed binoculars and gave them to me. As I looked at the UFO, it almost looked translucent, but at the same time it wasn't. After the glow diminished completely, the UFO looked like a square that slowly descended into the woods 3 km north of where I was. It was my first time seeing anything like that, but not my mothers. She's seen strange things around where I live also. I want an explanation, but I don't believe there is one.

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