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New Brunswick

Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

Tide Head, New Brunswick January 24th 2016 10:55pm



"Imagine a clock in the sky when you look up & my house is in the center of the clock. 12 represents the tree line in front of my house and 6 represents the tree line behind. It went from my house to 3/4 of the way almost to the tree line and disappeared in a matter of 2 seconds."


UFO details report: I was outside on the front steps smoking and looking at the stars like I usually do when I saw this very bright fast moving object shooting toward the tree line in front of me. It didn't reach the tree line it disappeared before it got there. It was so incredibly fast and bright, it appeared in the clear part of the sky and just as fast as it appeared it disappeared. It was as bright as the moon and I still can't get over how bright and fast it was. There was no trail or tail on it, no sound and it was abnormally wide but not saucer shape more rectangular shape regarding it's width. I have never seen anything like it in my life.I'm still freaked out about it. 



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