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An Open Letter to 'Angels'

By: Scott Smith

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." - Albert Einstein

Questions beg for answers and mysteries cry out to be solved!

Man's journey into the unknown is exciting, invigorating and rewarding. It is not however without its frustrations. Many obstacles may be overcome with talent and perseverance. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the hurdle is monetary. This is why PSICAN is crying out for far-sighted, 'Angels' to help fund our studies into matters 'paranormal'.

The term 'paranormal' is defined as something that is, at present, "unable to be explained or understood in terms of scientific knowledge". Over the course of human history there have been many mysteries unravelled which demanded unconventional thinking. If some few intrepid explorers had not questioned popular beliefs and, in doing so, challenged science to travel beyond established boundaries we would still, in all likelihood, naively maintain that the sun revolves around our flat little planet at the centre of the universe.

We at PSICAN see ourselves as a society of scientists, historians, folklorists, psychologists and genuine investigators working towards finding the answers to some of the planets greatest mysteries.

We are committed and we are resourceful. Our research is extensive and our findings are presented honestly and objectively. Our financial situation is severely hampered because of PSICAN's need to maintain an unbiased and professional reputation within the community. We do not and will not seek remuneration from witnesses for our investigations or research. As members of PSICAN we have happily funded our own explorations however resourcefulness and determination can only allow us to travel so far down the road before we inevitably crash into the all powerful and arresting dollar sign. The cost of film, batteries, audio and video tapes, travel expenses and specialized equipment rentals all take their toll on our individual pocket books leaving little funds for more specific and possibly ground-breaking experiments.

A far-sighted individual can help by recognizing the society's potential and endowing PSICAN with the funds it requires advancing the quality and quantity of our legitimate research.

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