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Helping us with our studies...

PSICAN has filed (as of March 1st, 2005) to be a registered Canadian charity. All donations, upon completion of our filing, will be tax deductible in Canada (but not until we have received the okay from the government).

Your money will NEVER be used for any salaries for staff that are only for "infrastructure". All volunteers with PSICAN groups are either active researchers, investigators or documentarians.

No salaries will be drawn from donations for staff and volunteers without a full approval from our acting board.

Money(s) will be used strictly for the following...
  • Equipment and the possible expenses of operating said equipment
  • Rentals of sites/spaces to allow for investigations and experimentation
  • Strictly monitored expenses of our staff for investigations/experimentations/work
  • Expenses for events and other 'special' events for fundraising purposes
  • Upkeep of servers/systems and possible expenses for published materials

Our books will be open and an annual accounting published online. (May of 2006 will be our first report. Once prepared, a link to it will be posted here.)

Once our approval is received, we will be able to take donations via several methods...
  • Credit Cards via PayPal
  • Cheque or Money Order/Bank Draft via Mail
  • Cash at any fundraising events
Sponsorship on a large or corporate level will be taken before our board for a vote on acceptability.

Although filed, we are still awaiting confirmation of our charitable status and therefore issue a caveat to anyone wishing to assist us now financially...

Although any and all donations accepted after March 1st, 2005 will be eligible for a tax receipt, this is all pending on us receiving the charitable status which must be approved and in our hands. If, for some reason, Revenue Canada does not approve us, it may leave us without the benefit of being able to issue the tax receipt... in other words, your "donation" may only be accepted as a "gift".

For another view of what you're helping, please read Scott Smith's An Open Letter to Angels by clicking here...

So, the choice currently is yours... If you wish to donate now (and, once we obtain the approval, we can and will issue the receipt... or, if the approval is not forthcoming, assume it is a "gift" to our group to allow us to continue our studies) you can either click the PayPal icon below (for credit cards) or mail a cheque, bank draft or money order (made out to PSICAN) to the address below...

Address for mailed donations such as cheques, money orders and similar...
(Please, do not mail cash...)

117 Runnymede Rd. #405
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 2Y4

Please ensure all donations are made out just to PSICAN although Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada will be acceptable.

Thank you for your interest.

All images, text and notes, unless otherwise noted, are the property of PSICAN and may not be used without express permission of this site's management. For permissions to reproduce, link or otherwise use this information, please contact admin@psican.org to gain express permissions.

2005 - PSICAN
Privacy and Liability Information:

Privacy Information: All information gathered or otherwise gleaned through this website and possible related forms or mail will only be used by the PSICAN website and staff and it's affiliated group(s) for the purpose of information and study towards the paranormal. We will not sell, use, give away or otherwise use your personal information for any other purposes. If you need further information, please contact admin@psican.org for details and/or with questions. (In layman's terms, we won't be telemarketing or "spamming" you mercilessly... your information will stay internal with us only and we won't sell our mailing lists to spammers or "marketers".)

Click Here for a PDF document on our complete privacy policy.

Liability: The owner(s) of the PSICAN site and it's management can not be held responsible for any issues of a technical or personal related context for the use of, reading of, or anything attempted by the user of this site as for it's information and content. PSICAN is also not responsible for the content of external links or information placed on our message board(s). The viewer/reader/user of this site assumes all personal liability and/or any consequences therein with the use of the information and webpage you are viewing.