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Created: Monday, 30 June 2008 21:39

Paranormal Studies & Inquiry Canada's Main Mission Statement:


The overall purpose of Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada is to publish for discussion and potential academic review, materials pertaining to the study and examination of perceived paranormal phenomena. 


- Website and Presentation Mission Statement: 

PSICAN freely supplies information to the best of our abilities to witnesses and the general public interested in all areas of the paranormal from a neutral perspective with respect and dignity to all beliefs and faiths.

- Educational Mission Statement:

PSICAN will always be striving for better and more thorough information and study into areas currently considered to be paranormal in nature. Through research, investigation, and experimentation, we hope to bring greater knowledge and greater understanding to the general public.

- Media Mission Statement:

PSICAN will endeavour to present the study of the paranormal, when requested (and agreed) to do so, with neutrality and the position that the study of things considered to be paranormal in nature is a serious and viable field of research and study.

- Privacy Mission Statement:

PSICAN, in accordance to provincial statutes, will never divulge a private witness's name, exact address, phone number, or contact information without first gaining the witness's permission.
(For further information, see our privacy policy online on our website.)
Please see our also see our Ethics and Code of Presentation guidelines (link will open a pdf document in a new window)