PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada


Please note: from March 2005 - December 2015 PSICAN was known as Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada, and you may come across older documents pre - January 2016 on this and other resources that still use the name Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada in reference to PSICAN. Although Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada is still us as of January 2016 we will be using the word "inquiry" to better express our goals,  mission and work. 


What is PSICAN?

PSICAN or Paranormal Studies & Inquiry Canada is an online resource for articles, and information on the paranormal.  
PSICAN takes into consideration many factors about the work it presents. The safety, security, and comfort of witnesses or those contributors helping with our study must always come first.


What areas of the paranormal does PSICAN look into?


UFOs, ghosts and hauntings, PSI or psychical phenomena, and Cryptozoology in general.


What areas of the world does PSICAN cover?


PSICAN is a Canadian group which is primarily focused on Canada.


How can I contact PSICAN about my experience?


If it's an experience with UFOs or ghosts, you'll find forms you can fill out in the respective sections on our site. If your report is about another form of paranormal experience, please contact us at and again, we will forward your request/information to the appropriate person.


How do I contact PSICAN in general?


PSICAN is an "online" group of volunteers and we should be contacted through the internet. The best way to initiate contact is via our main email address


Where do you keep your evidence or proof?


If/when PSICAN itself feels it has empirical evidence of some sort, it will be included in the paper/article/investigation document from which the evidence came and will be linked on the main PSICAN web page. To date, we do not presume to state that we have "proven" the existence of the paranormal.
Evidence noted in individual articles that claim is to be considered the responsibility of the contributor. 
What are PSICAN's beliefs, thoughts and opinions on the paranormal?

PSICAN does not express or hold corporate views therefore any opinions expressed within this website are therefore those of the contributors or authors. 


Will PSICAN come to my home/business/site?


No. PSICAN as an entity does not offer investigations. Any "on-site" work that may be conducted is up to the discretion of independent researchers or investigators who have worked with PSICAN and may contribute to our website.  


How do I Become a Contributor?
1. We are always looking for good non-fiction, and preferably Canadian content that covers the subjects we feature on this website. If you are a writer, researcher, or investigator, and would like to contribute to PSICAN please read through our general information, ethics, and code of presentation guidelines.  The link will open in a .pdf document in a new window. 
Please contact us with a brief introduction, and your submission via
Please note that we cannot offer monetary compensation for any work that is submitted. However if accepted your articles and work will be shared among our readership and through our online presence.
2. Sharing your own experiences with us greatly contributes to our data collection, and research. Your privacy will be respected and confidentiality is assured. You may fill out our reporting forms or contact us via email. 
3. Consider a financial gift (please see below) 


Does PSICAN accept donations?


PSICAN is not a registered charity in Canada.  Therefore, we can accept "gifts" but we cannot issue tax receipts. Every penny given to us does go back into our efforts as a whole. No one is on a "salary" within PSICAN including consultants for whom we do not offer monetary compensation nor does anyone benefit personally/fiscally from gifts made to us.  Click here if you wish to help us out.


Does PSICAN "clear houses" or offer psychic readings or tests?


No. We do offer information and will try to help when possible, but PSICAN does not offer these services. 


Can I get the name or address for the report I saw on your site?


If it isn't published already, not likely. PSICAN abides by Canadian privacy rules.