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We received the following in September 2009:

Good Afternoon,

I was looking at your web-site after I read about your organization after the woman in Toronto fell to her death the other day looking for ghosts.

I thought I would share my experiences from the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg......I use to work there.

When I first started there and heard the "ghost stories" I laughed and thought anyone who would believe in ghost must be crazy. Well, after working there for 6 years I am a believer.

For a number of years I worked at the Front Desk at the hotel. Through the years the number of stories, strange complaints or upset guests that I checked in or out and dealt with would amaze you.

One occasion I had an airline attendant check out early in the morning almost hysterical. She said she woke up and there was an elderly man dress in old fashion style clothing with a black bowler hat and handlebar moustache, he had been standing at the foot of her bed watching her sleep. On a number of occasions I had upset woman tell me they woke up to the sensation of someone stroking their cheek while they slept, other times to their bedside lamp being turned on and off.

Guests calling down with noise complains about the room next to them...of course the room wasn't occupied. Coming back to the room after being away to find the room window left Winnipeg in the me no housekeeper would do this.

As for myself...where do I begin?? The bellman and I working one night and heared a crash of dishes...not one or two....but dozens and dozens...crash, crash  broken dish to be found and us being the only two to hear it.

Working at a desk and the adding machine starting to add up zero's on the tape all by itself, 3-4 times...and when my co-worker walked by and I told her and she laughed an said, "ooohhh maybe it's a ghost" haha..the machine goes crazy and keeps adding until I jump under the desk to unplug it!

But the one that will always stick with me is this.

For about 1 year I was the evening duty manager. Part of my job was to walk every floor of the hotel 2-3 times a night ensuring cleanliness and order.

I could walk the floors night after night day after day with no problem. Then every so often I  would have the distinct sensation that A. I was being followed or B. I was being watched.

Sometimes this feeling lasted seconds other times it felt like I was being followed for a few floors.

I never felt scared but the hairs on my arms and back of the neck would stand up and I'd feel a chill.

It could be months before it happened again...and other times a few times in a week.

For whatever the reason I always felt it was a man....and that I wouldn't be harmed....if anything he was curious or even amused by what I was doing........don't ask me why I felt this way. I just did.

One of the owners had gone to bed one night, and felt someone get into bed with them, when she rolled over no one was there.

I have many more stories that I could tell you about, but will stop here.

I will say this. I still work in the hotel industry and in the 4 other hotels I've worked in, I've never felt a thing.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing these experiences with us.

Have you experienced something that you think might be paranormal in Manitoba? Can you add any further information to this report? If so please do contact us at Your privacy will be protected, and confidentiality is assured.